Kubota Diesel Engine Generator

When only the big boy is equipped to do the job.

Kubota Diesel Engine Generator at Murwillumbah Hire

Kubota Diesel Engine Generator GL9000

The Kubota GL9000 is a two pole, silent type, direct coupled, single phase diesel engine with a capacity of 8kVA at 3000RPM.

Powered by Kubota fuel efficient, water cooled diesel engines. Kubota diesel engines incorporate a TVCS combustion system which improve air/fuel mixture, resulting in cleaner emissions.

The generator and the engine are direct coupled to ensure a more reliable power supply with minimum power loss.


  • Compact design thanks to direct coupling of the engine crankshaft with the cooling fan.
  • Quieter operation with built-in muffler, longer air-cleaner hose and improved inlet vent design.
  • Large capacity fuel tank (28L) extends oil change levels to 200hr intervals.
  • Single sided access for quick inspection and easy maintenance.
  • One-point lifting eye makes transportation easy. Forklift pockets are provided in base of generator.
  • Safety is paramount with double circuit protectors, protective cover and automatic shutdown system.

Diesel Engine Generator - Trailer Mounted

Generator to power the whole lot!