Excavators for Hire - Gold Coast to Lismore

Let us introduce our excavator fleet! Starting with the little boy!

Small Excavator available for hire at Murwillumbah Hire and Kyogle Hire

Kubota Excavator K008-3

Kubota Excavator K008-3 - the baby of our fleet. Clean running Kubota Engine (Tier IV), with variable-width undercarriage. Fits through doorways, two speed travel and foldable ROPS Frame.


  • Improved Hose and Boom Cylinder Protection - All the hydraulic hoses hidden with in the boom and dipper arm. With the boom mounted on top of the boom, the K008-3 increases service life by offering outstanding protection from damage.
  • Foldable Rops - Rollover Protective Structure provides you with an extra measure of safety. It folds down to make easier transporting and storage of the excavator.
  • Straight Wall Trenching - Equipped with a swing angle of up to 60 degrees, the K008-3 lets you dig a straight trench along any wall.
  • Two-speed Travel - Need to make up time? Step on the K008-3’s hi-speed pedal, and you’ll maneuver around job sites faster than any other compact excavator in its class.
  • Pedal-operated Boom Swing - A convenient toe-heel pedal lets you easily operate both the boom swing and upper-house swivel at the same time.
  • Adjustable Width Track Frame - To enable passage through narrow spaces such as doorways and gates, the adjustable width track frame can reduce the K008-3’s track width down to 2’4”(700 mm) by simply operating a single lever. Plus, changing the blade width is as easy as removing one pin by hand.
Kubota Excavator Hire at Murwillumbah Hire and Kyogle Hire

Kubota Excavator U17-3

The Kubota U17-3 is the perfect excavator for tackling jobs in the tightest of spaces. Powered by Kubota 17HP engine, renowned worldwide for their outstanding reliabilty, the U17-3 delivers on superior manoeuvrability and maximum digging performance. This compact excavator delivers the power you need, the control you want and the smoothest performance when you need it most.


  • Powerful and well balanced, designed to dig faster and harder in the most congested conditions.
  • Powerful bucket breakout force of 1550KG, provides the power to get the job done.
  • Powered by a 17HP Kubota engine, renowned worldwide for their outstanding reliability and maximum digging performance.
  • Interactive digital panel puts all functions at your fingertips for operator convenience.
  • Ergonomically designed controls and full suspension seat help reduce operator fatigue during those long hours.
  • Double flanged track rollers improve stability and travel performance for operator comfort. A 2-speed travel switch located on the dozer lever for operator convenience and comfort while provides enhanced control.