Concrete Works

Concrete Mixer Murwillumbah Hire
Concrete Mixer

We have a range of concrete mixers petrol or electric designed for the work site. Our Concrete mixers are durable and light for mobility. Mixers that can be loaded and tipped on either side for fast operation.

concrete trowel hire
Concrete Trowels

No concrete project is complete without the use of the concrete hand trowels. Widely used and available in a range of shapes for a multiple of finishes.

Wheelbarrow Murwillumbah Hire

Wheelbarrows are an essential tool with any concrete work. We offer an full range of wheelbarrows suitable for your project.

Concrete screeds and levels hire
Concrete Screeds

Light weight for ease of use, our screeds and levels suitable for concrete and paving work. Concrete screeds and levels come in a variety of sizes suitable for all jobs.

Trowelling Machine Hire
Concrete Trowel Machine

Trowel Machine with a combination blades with low centre of gravity for better balance. This reduces back pain and fatigue. Designed with guards that spin allowing trowel to edge.

concrete floor grinder hire
Concrete Floor Grinding Machine

Concrete grinding machine for surface preparation and concrete polishing. Smoothing out your rough concrete surfaces. Giving your concrete surface a smooth finish.

Concrete Cutter Murwillumbah hire
Concrete Cutters

Concrete cutters are an invaluable tool for any concrete work site. A variety of diamond blades in various sizes which suit different applications and surfaces.

Jackhammer murwillumbah hire

Laying concrete is not the only job covered. We have a variety of Jackhammers suitable for breaking up slabs and foundations, cutting asphalt or even getting through the heavy clay.

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